If you have an iPhone using the Lightning-headphone adapter

Unfortunately, the wired Range isn't supported, but results with Apple's Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter vary among individual devices — it will often work. If yours doesn't, you have two options:

  •  Upgrade to the Bluetooth Range Dial. Wireless, improved accuracy and two probes at once. Contact us for a discount for existing Range owners.
  • Keep your Range plugged into an older device, and let it stream temperatures to your new iPhone. You may need us to manually pair your phones for this - if so, contact us from within the Range app on both of your devices (Settings gear icon > Customer support).

If you have an iOS device with a headphone port

Range needs the full volume and a good connection from your headphone jack to work reliably.  

  • Make sure Range is firmly plugged into your iOS device's headphone jack. You may need to remove your case to press it all the way in.
  • The most common issue is lint or dust in your iOS device's audio port. While lint usually isn't a problem with headphones, it can interfere with digital devices like Range. Try cleaning out the audio jack (a can of compressed air, toothpick or paper clip all work great).
  • Range needs permission to use the microphone input in the headphone jack. Check in your phone's settings app that it's enabled. (Settings → Privacy  → Microphone)
  • Range draws power from your iPhone's audio jack — make sure the volume level of your iOS device is at the maximum level to allow it to be properly powered. If you have volume limits set on your iOS device, it won't be able to read Range's data. Check the volume levels in Settings → Music → Volume Control. 
  • Under iOS Settings → Accessibility, make sure that you do not have “Mono audio” enabled. 

If you're still having problems, contact us through the app! We'll get a bit more information to help pinpoint your problem. 

EU devices: Range is not guaranteed to work with iOS devices purchased in the EU. Unfortunately, due to EU regulations to protect against ear damage, Apple has locked the volume of many European models to lower than what the devices are capable of.