Range can send remote alerts to other iOS devices after being paired with the device. Connect your Range to the iOS device you want remote alerts on, and you'll get a notification when an alert is triggered for that Range. If you aren't getting alerts, make sure you have remote alerts allowed in the settings, and that both iOS devices are running the same version of the Range app and are connected to the Internet. 

Note that pairing may not work the first time you launch the Range app. If you don't see the message that it's paired, you'll need to quit the app (double-tap the home button and swipe up on the Range app's screen to quit it), and then relaunch it. When you plug Range in now, it will pair. 

If you think you've paired the Range to both your devices and it still won't send alerts to the remote device, it's possible that things have just gotten out of sync. Contact us through the app and we can try fixing it. 

A last resort is uninstalling the app to remove all data, and then installing it again from the App Store and going through the pairing process again. But you probably want to contact us first.