The USDA and Gourmet settings dictate what temperatures are used in presets. Use your best judgement when deciding which settings to use.

The USDA guidelines are put out by the US government and err on the safe side of killing all the bacteria that can make you sick. The gourmet settings are based on the advice of many professional chefs, who prefer to cook their meat to slightly lower temperatures with the aim of not overcooking, knowing that the internal temperature will continue to rise even after its taken away from the heat.

The gourmet presets are:

  • beef rare: 125 
  • beef medium rare: 130 
  • beef medium: 140 
  • beef medium well: 150 
  • pork: 140 
  • chicken: 162 
  • lamb rare: 125 
  • lamb medium rare: 130 
  • lamb medium: 140