If you're cooking meat with Range, you want Range's metal tip to be in the thickest part of your meat and away from any bones. (Bone conducts heat faster than meat, so it will give you a higher reading.)

If you're cooking a whole turkey or chicken, stick Range in the meatiest part of the thigh for the most accurate reading (and make sure you don't poke all the way through to the cavity). 

If you're using Range to make candy or beer (or anything else in a pot) make sure the metal tip doesn't touch the bottom or sides of the pot. That will give you the temperature of the pot — not the contents. Clip Range's silicone handle to the side of your pot to keep it in place. 

Once Range is inserted properly, try using the presets to make sure your dinner is cooked to the right temperature. (You can swipe on the presets to see more.)