You can find these tips again under the gear icon > Frequently Asked Questions > Cooking with Range.

  • You've already done this one: use Range, not that pop-up thermometer, which will horribly overcook your turkey.
  • Dry brine. It's easy, as long as you remember to start at least one day before you're cooking. If you've got a frozen turkey, just start while it's thawing. Serious Eats tells you how.
  • Stick the probe tip in the thickest part of the meat to measure temperature. Go deep, but don't touch the bone. Leave Range in the inner thigh of the turkey while it's cooking (see illustration below).
  • Because the breast will cook fastest, tent it with foil once the skin is browned to maximize juiciness.
  • Rotate the pan a few times during roasting—some ovens have cold spots. This will give you more even results.
  • When you pull the turkey out of the oven, we recommend you spot check the breast, the other thigh, and the stuffing. This makes sure the whole bird's cooked through.


You can stuff your bird without giving everyone salmonella! Don't make the stuffing ahead of time and store in the fridge—make it right before the turkey goes in the oven. Piping hot stuffing in room-temperature turkey ensures stuffing gets cooked through without over-cooking the bird. Use your Range to spot-check the stuffing for extra peace of mind. Like the turkey, you want it to reach 165ºF.

Holiday photo contest-giveaway

While you've got Range stuck in your turkey (or other foods), post a picture for us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. The most delicious-looking photos that have a Range in them will win a new Bluetooth Range Dial of your choice, store credit, or some of Austin's finest barbecue and hot sauces. We'll pick winners after Christmas—mention @supermechanical so we find you.